45W LED Grow Light with UV/IR

45W LED Grow Light with UV/IR

1. 1.5 Square Meter Coverage
2. A light 2.2 pounds for easy setup
3. 4 IR and 4 UV for a total of 8 bulbs
4. Good for any type of plant all the way from seedling to harvest.
5. No noise, cooled with heat sinks
6. 50,000 hours


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45W LED Grow Light with UV/IR

  • 45 Watt LED GROW LIGHT WITH UV/IR which is crucial for optimized development in all stages of plant life.


  • LOW COST to operate with 50,000 hours of bulb life and no fan noise. Comes with cooling heat sinks.


  • All TYPES OF PLANTS: Tomatoes, Peppers, Seaweed, Gourds, and Lettuce. Any type


  • W 12.20 inches , L 12.20 inches, H 1.38 inches



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