CO2Meter – Grow Room Controller

CO2Meter – Grow Room Controller

  • Accurately controls CO2 levels in greenhouses or grow rooms


  • Built-In light sensor that automatically turns off LEDs lights and CO2 enrichment during dark period


  • Piggy back plug allows for control of CO2 generator or tank with electronic regulator


  • Easiest CO2 controller to use in the industry, Controller automatically adjusts CO2 level according to altitude


  • Single CO2 level set point replaced with low and high set points so the controller can be fine-tuned to maximize time between CO2 enrichment cycles. Default is CO2 “on” at 800ppm and “off” at 1,500ppm.


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CO2Meter – Grow Room Controller

This grow room controller is designed for greenhouses or grow rooms where elevated carbon dioxide levels are used to maximize plant growth. Setting the desired CO2 level is vital to max plant growth. When CO2 is too low, power is supplied to a CO2 generator or regulator (not included) via the built-in 110-240VAC 5A piggyback power cord. When the maximum level is reached, the power is turned off.

This controller comes with a built-in sensor that shuts off the CO2 when it darkness falls. This sensor can save tons of money and energy by insuring you’ll only be supplying CO2 during the light cycle when it is needed.

Best of all, this grow room controller is easy to install and use. Simply mount it inside your greenhouse, (all cables and hardware included), plug it into a standard wall jack, plug in your CO2 generator or regulator and it is ready to maximize your plant growing yields.

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